Mobile Egress

11m lorry with film installation screening Egress (2013). Lorry, industrial metal wall paneling, metal frame with two sided projection screen. 5.1 sound system, HD projector and harddisk playback. 2015-2017

Egress (2013): 41 min, 5K to 2K, colour, 5.1 audio, 1:1.89 aspect ratio.
Producer (lorry installation): KORO/URO. Producer (film): Knut Åsdam Studio (Oslo). Co-producers: Vitakuben (Leipzig). Supported by Norwegian Film Institute, Nord Norsk Film Senter, the Norwegian Embassy, London, Arts Council Norway, Fritt Ord/Freedom of Expression Foundation, KORO, Lorck Schive Kunstpris.

Mobile Egress is a touring lorry; an architectual art/film/cinema installation with the film Egress built inside the back compartment. It functions as a mobile cinema and is built up from installation elements to create an architectonic environment. The piece merges art and film distributed in an unusual way. It looks at contemporary Norway and its psychology through themes of work, class, oil and the material world. The tour began at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, January 2015 as a part of the exhibition Krigens Skygge/The Shadow of War on political art in Norway between 1914 - 2014.

The idea is to extend the way art and film is shown and distributed in Norway. Åsdam aims to bring the notions of extended cinema out of an academic association which is not necessarily art related for an unspecified audience to public places across the country. The film is a critical view on the present Norwegian society made accessible regardless of whether there is a cinema or a screening room, allowing for contemporary art and experimental film to reach an audience that are usually restricted because of geography, following the tradition of the traveling cinemas and “art-tents” in Europe that toured singular art works to audiences outside the large centres.