Egress (Slought)

Architecural installation with film Egress (2013). Variable dimensions. Chain-link metal fencing walls. Back projection screen, 5.1 audio system, HD projector and HD playback. Concrete benches. 2013

Egress (2013): 41 min, 5K mastered to 2K. Colour, 5.1 surround audio, 1:1.89 aspect ratio.
Large L-Shaped installation. Two seating areas, one remote from film when you first enter the space where you can see the film in the distance through fencing, and another seating area at the end of the L behind fences and screen, where you can see the film unobstructed. Cement benches.
Film, Egress (2013), plays within on back projection screen.

Installation was part of larger solo show at the Slought and at Penn University.