Psychasthenia 10 series 2

Curtain enclosure with 80 slides (5x16), 3,2m (h) x 4m (w) x 6m (l). Curtain system, slides projector w dissolve unit, hanging brackets, screen. 2001
Architectural installation with 80 slides (16 slides repeat 5 times). Dimensions variable. Suspension rods, aluminum track system, commando cloth, slides projector, 80 slides. Within this installation, "...these nocturnal images of urban housing developments continue Asdam's documentation of life in the hive of dystopian architecture.

"Presented in an ovoid viewing chamber constructed of black felt, the melancholy images of concrete exteriors bespeak imprisonment, and the muted green that pervades many of the photos recalls footage from night vision surveillance cameras. The viewpoint here is decidedly externalized: Not only are these pictures of facades, but the photographs work to underscore our distance from the goings-on inside the buildings. The worlds of the lit interiors seem impenetrable—indeed, one building is seen only through a chain-link fence."

Review by Jordan Kantor in Artforum Jan, 2002, as installed at Galleri Tommy Lund, CPH, Nov 2001.