Abyss O Night Gym

Archival C-Print on aluminium, mounted in special profile with silk inlays. 39,6 cm x 69,5 cm. Edition of 3+AP. 2010-2022
Abyss O Night Gym is part of Abyss Photos, the photographic work proceeding from the film Abyss. Abyss was filmed on location in East London, at the Thames Gateway and on the outskirts of the area where the Olympic Arena was being constructed. The film portrays an urban reality – a material and psychological world – that is affected in a variety of ways by change and migration. You have both the movements of human beings and the flow of money and power, and at the same time the movement of a migration that takes place at another level – in the imagination. Through experimental use of language, choreography,directing, theatricality and careful photography, the film work follows a group of protagonists and their greater or lesser grip on language, materiality and meaning in an East London beyond the control of any individual agency. 

The film portrays the spaces of the city a spaces of subjectification, where economic, political and social dynamics are inscribed in the characters own movements, language and psychology.