Blissed Photos

Archival C-Prints on aluminium, mounted in special profile with silk inlays, series of 7 images. 5 images at 37,5 cm x 70 cm, 2 images at 32,5 cm x 60 cm. Edition of 3+AP. 2005-2006
Blissed Photos are the photographic works of the Blissed project. Printed straight from 35mm motion picture film, the images have a contrast and grain structure that makes them different from conventional still photography. The images are furthermore framed within a special wood profile with silk inlay. This gives the images a sense of floating and projection. The images are key images from the project which follows four people in interaction within an urban environment. The images emphasise the interplay between the friends, the singular characters and the environment in photos that move between alienation and immersion.