Oblique Photos

C-Prints on aluminium, mounted in special profile with silk inlays. Series of 8 images. 4 images at 70 cm x 120 cm, 4 images at 61 cm x 101 cm. Edition of 3. 2008
Oblique Photos are the photographic works of the Oblique project. Printed straight from 35mm motion picture film, the images have a contrast and grain structure that makes them different from conventional still photography.

The images are framed within a special wood profile with silk inlay, which gives the images a sense of floating and projection. The photos are key images from the project which is an articulation of identity in transition: the artist invites to a journey through a continuous “city” built up from cities and regions of diverse political, economic, cultural and social landscapes. The characters are traveling in a suspended generic space in-between the realities of various places.

Thus Åsdam animates representational systems and orders of belonging that map cross-regional tensions where complex identity factors are negotiated, and express the struggle between a desire to find a place within the language and a necessity to adapt to social changes.