Untitled: Pissing
Video, colour, no sound, 50-70 second sequences. 30 min, 1995
The video shows a crotch-shot of a man pissing his pants. The main theme is in relation to masculinity, and in a simple way the video mentions masculinity and sexuality without being phallocentric. The wetting itself is not only traumatic in relation to masculinity (something the little boy does and knows he is punished for,) or something that happens solely from fear; it is also a sign of arousal and excitement even in the confrontation with the trauma; to come (on one self), have an orgasm, and furthermore has a feminine metaphor in 'getting wet'. This leads the video also to raise questions in relation to the viewer of what is erotic or simply perverse.

This piece has been shown extensively in museums, galleries and film festivals worldwide.

Watch a low resolution web version of Untitled: Pissing (you need a password from us).