BNL MTL Artforum Preview
9th Biennale De Montréal: “The Grand Balcony”
Various venues
Montréal, Canada
October 19 - January 15, 2017

In October 2017 Knut Åsdam will be presenting multiple moving image installations at the 9th Biennale De Montréal, curated by Philippe Pirotte with Corey McCorkle, Aseman Sabet, and Kitty Scott.

Mobile Egress Tour
Mobile Egress Tour, 2015-2016
Mobile installation of Egress in a Lorry.
Nationwide in Norway, then internationally.

Upcoming Projects
Murmansk/Kirkenes - Production
Tweed/Hebrides - Pre-Production
Oslo Pilot

Internships available - Praktikantplass ledig
Internship possiblities at Knut Åsdam Studio as studio assistants.
Praktikantstillinger som studioassistenter ledige ved Knut Åsdam Studio.

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